Monday, August 06, 2007

Podcast/Vodcast - best thing since sliced bread?

today on my way back home, was watching series of vodcasts(Video podcast for the uninitiated) i had downloaded...'n dint realize when my one-hr journey got over! Its an amazing way to pass time...'n it needn't go have podcasts/vodcasts in almost any category you can think of! So if you are the kind of person who likes learning new languages, all you have to do is subscribe 'n you are on your way...'n if you digg NG or Discovery, you can subscribe to their informative vodcasts as well...
iTunes website does a neat job of listing the top podcasts/vodcasts...

well Novell used to have NOA, when Ted was there...hmm wonder if its still happening...

Anyways here's da list of my top podcasts/vodcasts -
BestOfYouTube ( Must have!!!)
National Geographic Video Shorts
Flight of Conchords (nice comedy series by HBO...'n u get few entire episodes for free download!)
The Classic Tales Podcast
Discovery Channel Video Podcasts
Learn Spanish With Coffee Break Spanish
Ask a Ninja - iPod
Pandora Podcast Series

'n ofcourse you have ur Techie 'n Sports sections...


Vijesh said...

I don know if its coincidence or whatever. Today morning I asked you abt podcast. Surprisingly you have also posted one yesterday about it. I read your blog only after you read it.

In future playlist add my songs also in it. but only podcast not vod

Srihari said...

Both seems to the new trend for listening to music .. the ipod version i believe is a exaggerated one for watching vod .. I could play only 2 hours of vodcast and the battery just drains down ..

Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Thanks for pointing me to "BestofYouTube" :-)

Rev said...

Novell Open Audio lives on! I'm no longer on the case, but my good friend Erin Quill continues to keep the show alive.

I just launched a new podcast called .

That's enough links to probably never make it through the blogger spam filter, eh?