Saturday, May 12, 2007 'n mouse gestures...

now these are 2 really cool things i came across this week, all thanks to 'Flock'... :)
Me.dium comes with this extension for 'Flock'...donno if they have for others....but wht it does is - it lets u see what other ppl(friends) are currently browsing...
neways this is what their FAQ says -

What is Me.dium?
Me.dium is a window that reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your browser. Through Me.dium, you can see your online world for the first time.

Check out this for more...

'n the other one was 'Mouse Gestures', probably many of you, might have already come across this one...its such a gr8 extension...'m surprised as to how it aint so popular 4 me not to have come across it before...
now we all know da 'Inertia Principle'...tht applied to Comp world, will go like this -
'Human hands on key board, will continue to remain on keyboard, 'n when on mouse, wud like to remain thr...'
now mouse gestures lets u do the 2nd thing... :)

Black Amarok!

Check out my new Amarok look...

now, you can see in the pic that i finally got the moodbar working! :)

VMware USB support on Open SuSE 10.2...

Well past few days, was fighting ard this problem, had got windows Xp running on vmware on Open SuSE 10.2 for downloading all tht podcasts frm iTunes(yeah, it still doesnt come on linux :( )... only to realize tht USB doesn't work...'n da solution that google gave me, was 'recompile the kernel'....
'n as ne other person had hrd all these scary stories of how things can go horribly long....'n in the end, the need overcame my hesitance so i plunged in.... 'n it was so easy!!!!!
or was i just plain lucky? :)
Neways it did take lot of time on a 4G RAM m/ on low end m/cs you can just imagine how much longer it will take....

Well here are the steps i followed -
1. Install kernel-sources and kernel-syms
2. copy .config and Modules.symvers from /usr/src/linux-obj/ to /usr/src/linux
(Note: on my 10.2 system this was already achieved with symlinks. I simply cd to /usr/src/linux and continued with the following commands)
3. make oldconfig
4. make menuconfig, select the usbfs (found in Device Drivers > USB Support > USB device filesystem)
5. make modules && make modules_install (have a cuppa - takes a while to complete)
6. change noauto to auto for the usbfs in fstab
7. reboot
8. ta-da


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spidey 3

Free ticket to 1st day showing of SpiderMan 3, now thats how every weekend shd begin.... :)
Well as one of my colleagues put it...'Its a chick flick with guys stuff put in...' but then its spiderman.....its a kid ob it cant go overboard with ne stuff....tht said thr were still some threads in da script which were just totally unnecessary 'n poorly executed...

But i just love da black suit....looks so much better thn da red 'n blue one...I also did get to see previews of 'Pirates Of the Caribbean: At World's End', 'Shrek the 3rd' 'n 'Rush Hour 3'...
Really donno, why there had to be shrek 2 'n now shrek 3! As one of my friends says...'There's no bad movie which cant be made worse by a sequel...'

Thursday, May 03, 2007

End of Pandora?

If you live outside of the U.S. and enjoy listening to customized radio stations on Pandora, brace yourself for some bad news. The site will be shutting you out starting Thursday evening.

Pandora To Shut Out Non-U.S. Users Thursday Evening

Can you believe this? wht will i do once i come back? ;(

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