Wednesday, January 31, 2007


"Hey, thar."
"How're you and yermahmenthem?"
"Fahnez froghar. You?"
"Aw, I had to carry the pickup back to the shop. Joe's fixinta fixon the transmission again."
"Dang shame. Djeet?"

Fixinta learn ya how to use some Texasisms

something i googled out, when searching for the meaning of squeet... :) Wonder if spanish has something like this....anyways it will be nice to know, in case i eva get to meet a Texan Cowboy... now whts da chances of tht happening? lol... :D

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


AllFreeCalls, a new service which lets people make free phone calls by first calling a phone number in Iowa and then calling to any of dozens of other countries, just added eight new countries to the permitted lists (plus Antarctica). In an email the founder also said that they handled 80,000 call minutes yesterday.The company operates under a legislative loophole that gives rural telco’s a kickback on every received call. That kickback is greater than the cost the company bears for making outbound international calls. So someone’s paying for these calls (other telecos? taxpayers?), just not the person using the service. I love bureaucracy.

AllFreeCalls (un)Surprisingly Successful

    Interesting... wonder how many such loopholes exist in India... :)

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Celebrity Patents

The following 18 patents are all by celebrities not usually known for being inventors. You can follow the link to the actual patents to learn more about each one.
1. Eddie Van Halen, Musician.Patent #4,656,917 — Musical instrument supportEddie Van Halen patent
Eddie Van Halen patent

Ironic Sans: Celebrity Patents

Good one.

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