Sunday, April 13, 2008


for a lack of better title... :P
So yea, just came back up after watching the Arsenal vs Man U match. A very good match, Arsenal for da nth time conceding goals very cheaply after taking the lead. And one thing, which was hard to digest was, Adebayor claiming the hand goal. I mean thats something which one wouldn't associate with Arsenal, ok agreed its an individual issue. So thats what i don't understand, take any sport for example cricket etc how/why do players do this?

Anyways coming to books, this is long time pending. I finally finished the Dune trilogy two weeks back. This was unique in that all 3 books i read, was on different medium. The first book 'Dune' was an e-book. This i had read almost a year back. But somehow didn't fancy reading the others on comp, hence da gap. Then i got hold of the audiobook of 'Dune Messiah', which i listened to on ipod, whole of feb month during my commute to work. Having never been brought up with parents/grandparents reading me stories, this was one wonderful experience. Audiobooks have their own charm, guess 've fallen in love with them. So next one on my ipod list is the 'Chronicles of Narnia' :). Btw for all those other book/story lovers - subscribe to 'The Classic Tales Podcast', if you haven't done already.'N yes coming to the third book, i got it for only Rs 60 during this book hunting with candle. :)

'N here are the the movies i watched over the last four days, in the order i watched them-

> The Pursuit Of Happyness-
Based on a true life story, it is one inspiring movie. Watching it i realized how far along we've come in life, Chris Gardner's hardships reminded me of the hard days faced by my father, when he had only 25ps in his pocket 'n buying a single Kg of rice was difficult. But somehow he brought us up through all that, providing us with a good education 'n never making us feel deprived of anything/anyone. Yea it was one emotional watching, just making me realize how i owe so much to him and compared to the older generation how we had/have things so much easier.

> Juno
I don't think 've to say much about this, as i guess ppl shd already be knowing a lot. A fun movie, with good soundtrack.

> Into the wild
This is again based on a true-life story and once more a very inspiring movie. I guess anything is inspiring when you can relate your life with it. 'n i could relate so well to Christopher McCandless. Somehow 've always felt that 'm not a city person...hmmm....maybe everyone feels that way?

> Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind
Well nice movie, concept, good performances but could have done with some serious editing in the middle.

> Lord of War
Another based on a true incident movie. But somehow felt it lacked the punch which 'blood diamond' had. Where blood diamond hits you in the gut, this one chills you with the cold-blooded, business view of the whole thing. And what chills you the most and makes you shiver is the 'Based on true life incident' at the end.

> Guns of Navarone
old classic, Gregory peck.

guess thats pretty much about it.