Friday, August 17, 2007

Compiz-Fusion 'n Awn!!!

Thats "Snow" plugin - one of my faves

yep i finally 'em working!!! right now just posting some screenshots...will soon post a how-to 'n how-not-to... :)

Thats 'Gears in Cube', which keeps rotating in ur transparent cube, myself prefer this to the 'Cube Atlantis' 'n tht is ur fishes in cube(for those who aint familiar with the terminology)

'n thts 'Rotating Cube Screen Saver', another option of 'Screen Saver' is 'Flying Windows' 'n which is real time!!! but photos dont do justice...shd upload videos, prob sometime next week...

thts my skydome img in background 'n again, the beauty of skydome 'n its animation can be made out only in video... :(

'n thr r loadz of other effects....prob my next few posts will all be on this... :)

update: one more ... :)

this is using 'Paint With Fire On Screen'...

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Vijesh said...

link me to "how-to" of what ever you did..