Wednesday, August 29, 2007

openSUSE 10.3

two reasons why i can't wait to try out 10.3 -

One-Click Install: Hassle-Free Installation of Software

Greatly Improved Boot Time

Looks like SUSE is finally getting it's act together... 'n also i just remembered the 2007 Desktop Linux Survey...SuSE has taken a big big jump to 2nd place, with a jump of 8 percentage points!!! But it still has a long way to go before it catches up with ubuntu, as you can see from the figures...hopefully we will reach there sometime... :)

anyways that itself is a lot to cheer about... :)

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Sankar said...

Why wait ?

Use build-service.

And Opensuse build-service is the most amazing piece of code that I've seen in recent times.

madcap said...

heck yuh! Build Service is cool (dunno about code; woops). But it lets me run newer versions of stuff faster.

Oh and guess a lil bit of Novell speak came out there: "..hopefully _we_ will reach there sometime... :)"