Wednesday, August 16, 2006


1st Step:
go to
2nd Step:
d/w Exaile 0.2b4 Source Tarball
3rd Step:
Check if your system has all da requirements specified. You should be having most...some which i had to install were-
> upgrade python-gtk2 to 2.8.6
> install python-ogg 'n python-vorbis plugins
> install mad 'n python-mad
> gstreamer 0.10 'n gstreamer0.10-plugins-good must already be present if u r using sled 10, if not install 'em. 'n gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly for mp3 support. though hasnt worked for me so far. will update this post, if 'n when i get it to work.

Now tht you are done with da requirements, time for da final step.
> untar da source ball.
> cd to tht directory
> do ./ have exaile up 'n running :)

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MADCAP said...

aye, there;s no configure crap? Pretty cool! I gotta go put in the lines for FC in grub to go back there are try it out! I'm just lazy and that's why I use that for-the-lazy-bums stuff called PCLinuxOS primarily.