Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blogger Beta...

Well trying out da new Blogger beta...'n i must say 'm terribly disappointed.
> option to share ur blog, only with friends...
Looks like google is trying to do a yahoo in here...So now you have ur google account linked with blogger...very much like what yahoo already provides, thru Yahoo 360. So if all i wanted was a blog to share only with my close friends, thn it makes gud sense for me to use yahoo 'n save myself da additional trouble of sending out invitation mails to each one of my friends!
2nd me thinks da core user base of blogger wont care much for this feature coz their blogs r intended 4 da world. Now thts just my guess in here 've got no statistics 'n stuff, but based on what 've come across, its a very reasonable guess to make.
Now this is a feature very late in coming...Coz you already have some hazaar hacks on how to add category support to blogger 'n not to mention that other service providers already have this feature.
>Changing da appearance
well from a totally naive user point of view, this should be a gr8 feature. I mean adding links, rss feed, embedding scripts...changing their relative positions...colors...fonts...its all automated now. As they promote "change da appearance with mouse instead of html". But think i still prefer da old classic one. Anyways da advanced raw template editing is shown as 'Coming Soon'...so guess have to just wait 'n watch.

Now, two features i wud like to see-
> a field which shows da song you were listening to while posting. Yea i know not tht much of an useful feature, but one i wud still like to have. think this feature is already thr in live journal, not sure though...
> Blogging from Google notebook @ da click of a button. yea guess this feature must go into google notebook, neways blogging it in here just da same... :)

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unit testing :D