Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Google - you have lost that lovin' feelin'

is it only me...who feels Google is losing its way...way too fast i may add. The reason for this is that out of place question which Google has taken ard to include it in all its products now. Yes, now if you are installing picasa, you will be confronted with a question as to whether you want to make Google as the default search engine in IE. Seriously what does it have to do with Picasa!!! 'n it goes for other products from Google. i forgot which one else, i think google earth was the other one i came across.

Yeah i know its all business, but seriously you should know to draw a line somewhere.


Vijesh said...

Very True!
Not only google products, many others. Example firefox, Adobe reader and many more that asked to install Google toolbar to my browser. At times its annoying to un check the item every time. Some times we are pushed to an extend lets install this thing instead of unckecking it every time.

But atleast we are fortunate that he ask's opinion, instead the Blue guys will silently install it and then inform the user LoL

Vishnu said...

ayyooo poor google.. it lost your loving feeling.. :) i will inform them to gain it again.. :D