Wednesday, November 08, 2006


well just now stumbled upon this great site, while searching for a good time-line software.

It all began when i stumbled on this sometime back. Somehow the idea seemed to remain in that mind of searched for it again yesterday. But again the complexity just to get it to work overwhelmed me.

'n today realized tht i hadn't dugg the link, which meant finding it will be tough in case i need to refer to it in future. So off i went again to the site, 'n strangely went to the bottom of the comment section, where in i found this gem. :) Though granularity of the time-line needs a lot to be desired, it makes up for it in its simplicity 'n easy-to-use interface. Perfect for lazy ppl like me. :)
so it may be some time before i spend some time figuring out 'n setting up this, as now i have a great alternative. :)

its funny how so many new 'n innovative ideas people come up with, like 'YouTube' which has been named the 'Best Invention of The Year' by the Time magazine. :)

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