Monday, November 13, 2006

google reader was just telling one of my friends that i blog here whate'er i find interesting in da technology world 'n use a lot...'n realized that i hadn't put in an entry regarding 'Google Reader' to which 'm so addicted these days...

For starters Google Reader is a simple, free to use 'Feeds a.k.a RSS Reader'. You can go through this incredibly easy-to-understand 'n to-the-point FAQ. So that saves me the trouble of explaining it. :D

And now where all does it find its uses. A single place to track if there are any updates to the blogs you visit often. A great place to get all the latest news, gossip, rumours...well only if you subscribe to the right sites ofcourse. For e.g: if you are a sports freak, you can always subscribe to bbc sports or if you are a technology freak you can subscibe to the zillions of such sites out there on the net.

Now, the feature i like the most is sharing ofcourse :). Then there are tags. 'N Something which i found today, the 'Goodies' section. It has two cool goodies called 'Put Reader in the Bookmark' and 'Subscibe as You Surf' . 'N the former displays this when there are no new updates. :)

So, Njoi reading!



Rockus said...

Reader is a great piece of solace in a heavily blanketed Internet at office! :-D

Puthali said...

ha ha...'solace in a heavily blanketed Internet' tht...real nice choice of words... :)