Friday, October 20, 2006

NAM 3.0

i.e. Novell Access Manager 3 for you, the product 'm working on or rather a very tiny part of it... :D

'n now that's the podcast, explaining all about it...
Listen to the part where Lee talks about SSL VPN, now that's wht 'm working on... ;)

'n just some more info on NAM 3 :
Novell Access Manager 3.0 represents the next generation of access management and federated identity solutions. It introduces new “in-the-flow” technologies and SSLVPN functionality that broaden its access-management capabilities. It supports a broad range of platforms and directory services. Novell Access Manager provides an advanced solution to secure your infrastructure, prevent information theft and protects the privacy of people inside and outside the organization. Novell Access Manager3.0 lets you separate security from individual applications and Web servers, enabling single-point, policy-based authentication management and access privileges throughout the Net. Novell Access Manager 3.0 also includes identity-based Web security services and provides users with secure authentication and access to portals, Web-based content.

Using Novell Access Manager organizations can simplify security management, control the use of digital assets across the extended enterprise and get more from investments in eBusiness applications.

Or you can check this out -

'n yeah i know....'m blatantly marketing? for a lack of better word.... :D

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madcap said...

geek! What's all this jargon?