Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kopete 'n iChat

well...after da umpteenth gaim crash today....thought more sticking to an IM client which dint support GW, doesn't support 'Now Listening' feature da way its meant to be(even for that, u gotta take so much of pains!) 'n one which just loves to crash every now 'n thn...
So even with my dislike for KDE stuff...'n da last time experience being none too gr8...thought will give 'Kopete' one more try...guess necessity does make human open to more stuff... ;)
After getting myself used to da KDE icons...UI(believe me it does take some getting used to...after da 'oh so simple, plain, uncluttered gnome UI' :) )...delved into da vast feature set which kopete offered...
> 1st thing i supports GW...not like gaim, where its broken...
> 2nd It allowed you to change the interface themes... 'n to my pleasant surprise...found 'iChat' in thr... :) It is a good 'imitation' ... but nothing more thn tht...coz though it implements da cute 'speaking-style' of iChat...its surrounded in da big ugly KDE chat window...which doesnt let u forget...not even for a moment...tht u r on linux...'n it is an imitation afterall...
But seriously i have major gripes abt tht...y do u need to have such big,ugly window , a major content of which is surrounded by unused/of-little use features...y cant it be like Mac...where chat window is just a 'chat window'...pray how many ppl actually use da drop-down menus in a chat window...file,edit,tools,settings...seriously?!
u wanna do some fancy stuff...go to da toolbar...'n another thing which i like abt da mac is da one menubar which changes depending on da application...y cant linux also have something like tht?
> neways 3rd headed straight into the 'now-listening to' seriously da best among wht i have seen so far...da ability to configure so many easily...was just too gud...'n da 'best' part was it did that for my GW IM finally got da thing i wanted since da day i joined work...thnx to kopete... :)
> 4th was some 'Text Effect' plugin...'n using it was so much fun...well 'm sure in a few days da novelty will wear off...but had a blast today...playing ard with my friends...who had no idea how/what was going on... :)
well thats all i have checked out so was defi worth it...even if only for da 3rd feature's last part... :)


madcap said...

>'n another thing which i like abt
>da mac is da one menubar which
>changes depending on da
>application...y cant linux also
>have something like tht?

You have the same stuff in KDE too... tho for that u need to switch to the desktop rather than using one KDE app. :P You get it in KDE's Control Center.

About the cluttered menu and toolbars, things are gonna get much pleasing in KDE 4, due early next year, thanks to the plasma initiative. Aaron Seago wrote a blog entry a while back that most of the less used stuff that clutter the toolbars across apps ane gonna dissapear. Desperate users can have em from the menu or customize toolbars to add em. Default will have the bare minimum. :)

The advantage (and also the disadvantage) of KDE is u can customize the shit outta the UI.

Puthali said... it so? :D
let me c, may actually try out KDE Desktop sometime...'n one more gripe abt KDE da 'konqueror' y can't they provide firefox as da default?! ya ya i know i can change 'n stuff but thn it again involves more work thn wht i wud prefer...

madcap said...

Konq as default browser or not can again be easily fixed from KControl (Control Center for KDE) as well, just one click again I guess.
Tho I wouldn't want that cuz KDE has this thing how awesomely all the apps integrate, so Konq is what many of us want. Say like when I click on more themes in Amarok/Kopete, it opens a mini-KHTML plugin to take me to the, otherwise it's some many more steps with Firefox. I like how everything is so tightly integrated by default. If KDE 4 is able to get rid of the clutter then I'll be jumping all over the place.

Using GNOME 2.16 on Mdv for a week now. Mdv has it's irritating bugs, but I love it's speed. Been using all native G apps -- Rhythmbox, Gaim etc... Gaim 2.0beta doesn't crash here at all. Maybe u installed it from source makes it crash so much or the autoprofile thingy?

Puthali said...

yea yeah...i know gaim 2.0 beta doesnt happens only on sled...or so i think...'n its only crashing when u close da chat window...but little things matter wht status u select it will be showing something else or u'll have to click some thrice or many times before it lets u change it...'n even thn u cant be sure...

'n no konqueror is till ugly 4 when KDE 4 comes out...if its ne better thn prob 'll give it a try...but not till thn... 'n till thn change default browser in amarok to firefox...though cudnt find da same in idea whr i can configure tht?