Sunday, June 08, 2008


He he, this basically nullifies my previous post. :)
Slam No. 4 for Rafa and man did he make it look like a cake walk! :D
Before the start of the match i was feeling sad that i wouldn't be able to watch the entire match as i had to attend 10 'o clock show of '21' @ Inox. But then quickly realized i didn't have any cause for it. Thanks to Rafa, no its more thanks to Federer for finishing it in just 108 minutes. :) So all those people who were just waiting to proclaim Federer as the greatest ever, wait for one more year at least, if not forever... :P

'21' was not as good as i thought it would be. Come on you can depict Vegas much better than that! . And you can so do away with all that hollywoodization, the cliched 'best friends ignored' track, soppy romantic track, jealousy...i mean why introduce a 5-10min plot line just for heck of it? Well don't mind, it was quite an enjoyable movie, but the problem for me was that there was no freshness about it, apart from the basic plot.

As result of watching '21', i missed F1 :( I reached home just when press conference had started and to see Kubica, Heidfield and Coultard was shocking to say the least. I did see the pit-lane mishap recap but somehow can't help feeling that i missed out on some good live action.

'n yea, now Germany beat Poland. :)

On a side-note i finally managed to read 'Hobbit' today. :) The decision to read it was rekindled by the LOTR dvds 've been watching these days. Its this boxed set, with 4 dvd's per each part so 12 in all. Any serious LoTR fan should possess this. :)
The making i.e the Appendices part though long(2 dvds per each part) is amazing. While watching that today morning, my Dad remarked if i was planning to go into film-making and man do i wish that i was part of it! :)

Anyways sleep beckons,

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Or atleast know from whr u can borrow DVDs :P