Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Share with a note

what a nice surprise i had just a few minutes back!
I finally get to see the feature i wanted since i started using google reader! :)
more specifically just beside the 'Share', you now see a 'Share with note'. Ain't that cool?
Whenever i shared an item before, I always wished there was a way to share my views/thoughts on it...ain't that the whole point of sharing? :)
But yea now you can! :D

Pls: Whats pending is the ability to have discussions, which i believe is coming soon. :)


Vishnu said...

Really cool feature.. Never noticed it.. really useful, helpful and really makes you expressive.. Nice Blog too..

Vishnu said...

Just found one more requirement regarding to this one. Once some one shares the article with the note, it is so possible that there will be question in that note as you usually do.. so to reply to that, I guess better to have a "reply" link in that shared note so that it can come to you by some means.. I don't by which means it can come to you..

Jawahar said...

Seems u r experimenting too much with ur blog. It now ur mindtrail blog needs permission. Complete blog is open to invited readers only...

So when u going to lock this one ??

Puthali said...

@vishnu - yea...discussions is another much awaited feature...'m told its in the pipeline... :)
@ jawahar - yea, was trying out stuff...mindtrail is unlocked and this is locked now... :)