Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blogger Label Search

Yesterday was playing around with my mindtrail blog, trying to add a 'notable posts' section. The idea was to add a label to the posts and just put up a link to the label search. Everything went fine but for two issues.

> Somehow when i did a search, not all posts with the label were appearing. Totally weird i know! Seemed to me like blogger had some issue with displaying more number of results. Anyways googled it, seeing if thr is already some known issue. The nice thing abt google is, you needn't have to go thru' the links, the answer is displayed on the search page itself(depends on how good your query is ofcourse ;) ). So without delving deeper tried doing "http://yourblog/search/label/?max-results=100 Is it as simple as that?" and it worked! Now 've no clue how or why it should make any difference.

> Second was, i did not want labels to be shown for each post. But somehow couldn't figure out how to do it. Probably because i still haven't upgraded the template of that blog and most of the probable solutions were related to new template mechanism.

Anyways talking about power of google search, was reminded of a very cool query hack which i use a lot these days. With the cricket season on, all one needs to do is type 'live cricket score' in one's FF google search box, and presto you get the latest score!

No need to go to any specific site and you escape the load times, plus for any onlooker, it just looks like any other google search page. :)


Sankar said...

Subscribe to and join #cricket channel. Optionally you can make xchat to highlight OUT, FOUR, SIX. This is what I have found to be the fastest way to get commentary + scores.

Puthali said...

oh, you have irc channel too! ah thts dumb of me, :D but neways me not tht much of a crick fan, futball or tennis is wht i follow more 'n moreover i don't use xchat either...
but neways thnx for da cool tip, in future if India really starts playing good, thn i may just do tht ;)

shrek said...

no i dont get!! it depends on your search history