Thursday, June 14, 2007

few updates...

hmm...its been a long time....its not tht thr's nothing much happening...just tht i have become even more lazy thn da usual... :)
Neways came across these 2 sites 'flixster' 'n ''. Well the latter is very similar to 'Grupthink' but diff being Questions can have only two answers - 'Yes' and 'No'. 'flixster' is a nice quiz site.
Another nice site i came across was 'MusicBox' though it doesn't have large number of videos.
And if you haven't noticed it, now Orkut has feeds feature!
Now if only they could just provide search feature in Reader!!!!
neways me feelin' outta here...


Sarfraaz Ahmed said...

Strange that you dont know about having a search engine for your reader !!!

1. Go to your subscriptions page in google reader and export your subscriptions in a opml file.

2. Go to

3. Create a dummy custom search engine.

4. Go to the "control panel" of your new custom search engine.

5. Upload your opml file by going to the "advance" tab.

6. Enjoy searching through your reader items :)

Puthali said...

lol...dude i know abt all the fact i rem i only directed u to it... :D
but wht i want is no hacks...just a search box which comes by default with ur reader... :)

Vishnu said...

I feel this customized search is not that great. And, I guess - no need to use big words like hack etc etc :D.. just kidding... customized search is a nice one
I guess - you can have one search box in your blog (I never tried it). You can follow the steps that you use to transfer your google reader items into your blog and can get a search box in your blog.
I don't have idea how to get one in reader

Vishnu said...

I guess we can write a extension to firefox saying to do this junk work. Your extension can target the response for a particular url set and can insert some javascript in it which will do the search for you. But, don't ask me to do this :D
I remember this when I was talking with Amit Vyas where he changed his gmail according to his wish by writing an extension. He showed me many more options in his compose link of gmail which are not there in the compose link in my box.